Sunday, May 18, 2014

Review of Entice by Rachel Van Dyken

So I have to confess im not sure I can be entirely objective here because I am hugely addicted to this series and very much #TeamNixon, with that being said buckle up because Rachel is about to take us all on one heck of a ride!! So this is in essence Chase's book, it starts off with him being the hero and saving a damsel in distress, Mil, who you'll remember just became the head of one of the major families,things go downhill from there as they often do when the Elect are involved and suddenly our mafia boys and their lady loves are facing a sort of mafia armageddon,there is a lot of violence but always a reason behind it and none I would call gratuitous or unnecessary I mean hello its a mafia book?! I love the Eagle Elite series because it has a little of everything, suspense, drama, romance, mystery, and  tons of laugh out loud moments, so although I was hesitant to read Chase's story I would say this is now one of my favorite in the Eagle Elite series, you will get a little bit of everyone and since this is a family that sticks together you will see how all of this effects not only Chase and Mil but Nixon, Trace, Mo, and Tex, in this book everyone's secrets are up for grabs and there is so much you will not see coming, I read this in one sitting and I can guarantee it will be one of very few books I will definitely read again, ive said it before with the series I have no problem with blood in but why the heck would I ever want out?! This book is currently on sale for 99 pennies on amazon, ive read a lot of the new releases lately but this is the one that has it all laughter, tears, violence, and hot alpha mafia guys who love hard and fight harder, so go one click while its on sale and Happy Reading Lovers ♡♡
Entice (Eagle Elite) by Rachel Van Dyken