Friday, July 11, 2014

Thrive goes live in 7 days!!

If you arent addicted to The Addicted series, the question is Why Not??!! The latest book in the series Thrive  by Becca and Krista Ritchie,which picks back up with our favorite couple Lily and Lo will be LIVE on July 18th, until then here's a teaser and the cover lovers! !

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Review of Entice by Rachel Van Dyken

So I have to confess im not sure I can be entirely objective here because I am hugely addicted to this series and very much #TeamNixon, with that being said buckle up because Rachel is about to take us all on one heck of a ride!! So this is in essence Chase's book, it starts off with him being the hero and saving a damsel in distress, Mil, who you'll remember just became the head of one of the major families,things go downhill from there as they often do when the Elect are involved and suddenly our mafia boys and their lady loves are facing a sort of mafia armageddon,there is a lot of violence but always a reason behind it and none I would call gratuitous or unnecessary I mean hello its a mafia book?! I love the Eagle Elite series because it has a little of everything, suspense, drama, romance, mystery, and  tons of laugh out loud moments, so although I was hesitant to read Chase's story I would say this is now one of my favorite in the Eagle Elite series, you will get a little bit of everyone and since this is a family that sticks together you will see how all of this effects not only Chase and Mil but Nixon, Trace, Mo, and Tex, in this book everyone's secrets are up for grabs and there is so much you will not see coming, I read this in one sitting and I can guarantee it will be one of very few books I will definitely read again, ive said it before with the series I have no problem with blood in but why the heck would I ever want out?! This book is currently on sale for 99 pennies on amazon, ive read a lot of the new releases lately but this is the one that has it all laughter, tears, violence, and hot alpha mafia guys who love hard and fight harder, so go one click while its on sale and Happy Reading Lovers ♡♡
Entice (Eagle Elite) by Rachel Van Dyken

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Amazing books being released in April&May

So I havent blogged in awhile, I had some health issues and some family issues, I will be posting two reviews this weekend but I wanted to provide a list of all the amazing books coming out between now and May, so you dont miss anything.

1. The Will by Kristen Ashley just released a few days ago

2. For those Crow's Row by Julie Hockley fans,she has now released a sequel, Scare Crow.

3.Crazy Good by Rachel Robinson

4.Breaking Alexandria by K.A. Robinson

5.Play, a Stage Dive series novel by Kylie. Scott

6. Reclaiming the Sand by A. Meredith Walters

7. Black box by Cassia Leo

8. The Wishing Thread by Lisa Van Allen

9. Etched on Me by Jenn Crowell

10. Against All Odds by Angie McKeon

11. Never Have I Ever..My Life (so far) Without A Date by Katie Heaney...its not my typical reading but its a cross between a memoir and a hilarious comedy routine.

12. The Rockers Babies by TerriAnne Browning

13. Vital Sign by J.L. Mac

14. Where the Moon isn't by Nathan Filer

Books being released in April:

1.What If by Bayli Lane, releasing April 13th

2. Infinity (Infinity #4) by Layne Harper, releasing on April 17th

3.Love, in English by Karina Halle, releasing  April 20th, available for preorder now.

4. Phenomenal X (Hard Knocks #1) by Michelle A. Valentine, releasing April, 22nd

5. The Ressurection of Aubrey Miller by L.B. Simmons, releasing April 25th

6. Alpha by Jasinda Wilder and also Out of Mind (Out of Line book 3) by Jen McLaughlin, both release on April 29th, Alpha is available for preorder.

Books Releasing in May:

1. Freed (Unlovable #2) releases May 5th

2. Gorgeous Chaos (Beautiful Mess #3) by T.K. Leigh, releases May 5th

3. Strings of the Heart (Runaway Train) by Katie Ashley, available for preorder now but releases May 12th

4. Entice (Book 3 in the Eagle Elite series) by Rachel Van Dyken, will be available for preorder the week before release, releasing on May 13th.

This is all I can find I will add more as I go or as you guys inform me. I will also be reviewing the ones that have already released that I have read,Happy Reading Lovers xoxo

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Rememberance Trilogy by Kahlen Aymes

The Rememberance Trilogy by Kahlen Aymes, is the story of two college best friends, Julia and Ryan who are secretly in love with each other but afraid of pushing a relationship because they dont want to risk their friendship, but there is a catalyst which finally forces them to choose, their chemistry is off the charts and their epic love story is perfect for Valentines day whether you have your other half and need a reminder to not take them for granted or you're still searching for your Ryan or Julia, it will give you hope that despite all the crap life throws at you one day you will have someone beside you willing to hit back at life twice as hard, Ryan and Julia have an awe inspiring relationship but its real, theres pain and disappointment,misunderstandings and at the end of the day no matter how much you love someone there are always going to be times the door seems the easier choice, but what you learn from Ryan and Julia is if you still have even a little love in your heart and even a little fight left in you, dont let go and make it count! Fall in love with The Rememberance Trilogy and Kahlen Aymes, here are the links to the whole trilogy, give it to yourself for Valentines or Maybe a good friend? Im willing to give away two ebook copies, tell me your love story but I want to hear a different love story I want to hear how you and your best friend met or something you went through together, tag them in the comment and I will give an ebook of the first book in the trilogy to each of you ♡♡

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February, the month of book boyfriend love

So, February is an bookgasmic month for all of you Indie book lovers, so get your one click fingers ready Lovers! Today, J.A. Redmerski the author that brought us Andrew and Camryn in The Edge of Never and The Edge of Always, has brought us the story of Elias and Bray childhood friends turned lovers on the run, in Song of Fireflies, also released today was book 3 in the Wait For You series from Jennifer L. Armentrout writing as J. Lynn in her book Be With Me the story of Camerons best friend and little sister.On the 7th author Nacole Stayton of A Graceful Mess and The Upside of Letting Go will be releasing her newest,In The Lyrics, On February 10th Lauren Blakely will be releasing the much anticipated sequel to The Thrill of It, Harley and Trey's story, if you have missed it, the prequel The Start of Us is free on Amazon till release day and The Thrill of It is $0.99, also if you look on my fb page there's a link where Lauren Blakely released the first Chapter of the upcoming release Every Second With You. On the 14th Jasinda Wilder will release the final book in the Ever Trilogy, Saving Forever, and on the 16th K.A. Robinson will bring us the much awaited second book in The Ties series the first Shattered Ties made quite the stir and had us begging for more well on the 16th she delivers with Twisted Ties, and last but not least Raine Miller will bring us more Ethan and Brynn in the final book in the Blackstone Affairs, Rare and Precious Things releasing on February 28th, who needs a Valentine with all this Book Boyfriend Love to go around?!

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